Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He uses just about anything...

I just had some fun playing Panda game on my China made itel phone, popularly known as “Chinko”. To my utmost surprise I scored 445, making it my best score from the range of 45-60 in the last 3months I got the phone.
Having the highest score wasn’t so important because I played the game because I was bored at work, (don’t tell HR Manager pls) but the lesson I learnt is so important and could make a loser a champion overnight (am for real).
As I started playing, contrary to what I use to do, I decided to allow some insects escape without trying to kick them, so as to have enough time to strategize for the next available insect.
This struck me as real, true and enlightening, contrary to the popular saying that winners don’t quit or retreat, I say winners quit, wise winners quit smaller battles and brawls, and they retreat to win wars and greater challenges.
I must tell you that I feel a lot better right now, having had the last one year or two of my life feeling I was idle and suddenly some kind of miracle is here and I’m so thankful.
It can only be explained that my creator led me to quit (rest) and retreat some battles, now am winning wars and greater challenges.
If you let God, He would make every single moment of your life count.


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