Monday, June 14, 2010

Not bad for a Monday Morning..!

Guess what?

Woke up at 4 am and it was pouring, like the rain is delighted about the “PHD” holder President, I struggled out of the bed and jerked up suddenly, reminded it is Monday and I have to travel from iyana ipaja to badagry for the weeks work (how I wish I could play “Garfield) this is the main story, as I got to my junction heading for the bustop one bus splashed muddy water all over my smart “gladiator” shirt and jacket, guess what?

I just imagined nothing happened and walked on whistling praises to God (I have decided to always keep the right attitude ever since I moved to Lagos) that has it may be is not the main story, I headed for the bustop to discover that the lazy agbero has not resumed for the day so I stood at the BRT stop peeping to catch a glimpse of the agbero when and if he comes but men!!! It was dark, “Egypt plague” dark, but

I just wished in my heart I didn’t have to stand up to see and guess what? Just right than the thunder rolled a music and the lightening came on, directly at the park, on the same car I was looking out for and it lightened the place for just that minute I needed to see the scene and “black” went everything again,

I smiled because on a Monday morning when everything looked bleak, God gave me light even in darkness.


“Even in the dark, Light shines for the righteous”…The great book

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